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What Makes us different at DHA?

Aside from our flexible and rapid response contract manufacturing services founded on principles of perfect quality and technical complexity; our values as a business differentiate us from the average manufacturing entity.  In all values,  we strongly embrace INNOVATION and believe fanatically in the following elements:


Our aim is to provide a seamless and flawless experience for our customers from sales visits to quotations, from qualifications to production orders.  As a business, we embrace customers as the center of everything we do and have structured our manufacturing businesses with the aim of being the best communicators, problem solvers and reliable deliverers of quality product.  From the first phone call to the most recent delivery; our customers will know that their expectations are the highest priority to all our employees because of their experience with our business.


Although true perfection is unattainable; we aim to provide perfectly manufactured products to our customers every time.  Employing Six Sigma process controls combined with our ISO 9001:2008 certification; we deliver dimensionally perfect products 99.8% of the time with well defined and controlled processes to manage on-time deliveries and flexible capacities to meet dynamic customer demands.  Perfectly manufactured products combine superior process controls and customer interface with dimensional mastery and our aim is never to disappoint.



DHA Energy employs a “Total Employee Satisfaction” philosophy that incorporates a training and development culture through our joint apprenticeship programs with New York State in addition to a well incentivized employee base.  From the CEO to the maintenance personnel, all employees are paid competitive wages, provided with full medical insurance and a maximum 401(k) matching program and are all paid bonuses annually based on customer satisfaction results and profitability.  Our philosophy contends that well-compensated employees who can share in the profits of the business allow them to focus more on satisfying the customer.

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