DHA Energy

DHAEnergy is full service precision machine shop with a broad range of manufacturing, cialis buy health assembly and testing services. We can turn, mill and grind all parts, from the very small to those as large as 78 inches in diameter.We are dedicated to solving all of your machining and fabrication needs.

CNC Machining


• Horizontal turning: up to 24” diameter
• Live tooling on all machines
• Capacity: 5 Machines (1, treatment 720 hours per month)

• 4th axis Vertical Milling (30” x 85”)
• 4th axis Horizontal Milling
• Capacity: 5 Machines (1,720 hours per month)

• Manual Turning: up to 52” dia
• Manual Milling: 72” x 24”
• 8 Machines total

• Resistance, buy Torch & Induction Braze
• ASME Welding certifications
• Carbon/Stainless Steel,
Aluminum & exotic metals

Large Fabrication & Machining


Integrated Fab Technologies possesses large machining and fabrication capabilities to service the power generation industry. Product families include sub-turbine base skids, fabricated oil deflectors, and rub rings.


• 400 ton CNC Press Brake
• CNC Cincinnati Shear
• Marvel Bandsaw
• 25’ long enclosed paint booth
• 5’ sandblast booth
• 55 ton Ironworker
• Hydro test capabilities
• In-house design services
• Complex fixturing & assembly
• Vertical turning: up to 78” diameter
• Horizontal Bore Milling: 88” of travel

Materials & Global Parts Management


Manage your supply chain with our made-to-order kits, offering air-tight inventory control, a critical element of fast and efficient manufacturing and assembly. By providing the components in the quantities required, we eliminate the problem of tracking inventory so parts are on your shop floor ready for fast assembly when you need them, and with the quality control you require.


• Aluminum
• Copper
• Stainless Steel
• Alloy Steel
• Carbon Steel
• High Temp Nickel
• Cobalt Alloy
• Sheet Metal

Parts Distribution


Our Packaging services include the design, manufacture, maintenance, and repairs of shipping containers, skids, boxes, modified pallets and other wooden products related to product protection and shipping.  We offer certified heat treated woods, combination assemblies that include both wood and metal construction for heavy shipping needs in addition to design services that meet unique shipping challenges.

Our packaging team believes in adding “process value” to our customer’s internal processes.  In addition to wooden shipping container and/or skid design and manufacture, we will spend a few days on our customer’s site and evaluate their critical processes.


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